We will tailor software to your business needs and support you with secure and performant infrastructure.

We specialize in business process automation, integration, asset management, change management and release management. User-friendliness is our goal.

We value trust and honesty and therefore aim to be a transparent company

Oracle NetSuite
- Customization of views, catalogs and saved searches
- Customization of Advanced Approvals SuiteSolution
- SuiteFlow
- SuiteScript 2
- Salesforce integration via RESTlets

USU Valuemation
- Customization of views and catalogs
- Workflows
- Processes
- Orchestra integration

Infrastructure deployment (OpenBSD)
- Mail server (OpenSMTPD)
- Web server (httpd or nginx)
- CDN via Cloudflare or IPFS

Web development
- Responsive and lightweight
- Minimalism via plain HTML and CSS, no frameworks
- Reusability via Hugo templates

Our consultants are ITIL, PRINCE2 and MCSE certified.


First consultation (definition of requirements, estimation and pricing) Free
Oracle NetSuite consulting 900€/day
USU Valuemation consulting 600€/day
Web development (incl. Javascript) 300€/day
Infrastructure deployment 300€/day
Python/C# programming 300€/day

Prices for remote assignment including VAT. Individual pricing/discounts available upon request. Minimum engagement: 1 day. Both on-site and remote assignment possible. For more information please check out our contract templates.